Ponder at Columbia Teachers College

At the end of the summer, we had the pleasure of presenting at Columbia Teachers College’s EdLab. TC professors, students, and staff as well as fellow entrepreneurs listened to us explain our vision for Ponder and our guiding philosophies. Audience members embraced the opportunity to test out Ponder on their own, and they asked us terrific questions. As much as we love interacting with all of our Ponder users nationwide via Skype, email, and phone calls, there’s nothing like working them in person. We wish we could do the same for all of you! In the meantime, we hope watching this presentation will give you a clearer picture of who we are, why we work so hard building this tool, and where we hope to see Ponder go in the future. Check out the video below, and test out EdLab’s awesome Vialogues video commenting platform as you do!

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