New in Ponder: Reorganizing the Feed and Lightweight Peer Review

Weigh in on your classmates' responses.

Weigh in on your classmates’ responses.

We shipped some new features! Well really we’re doing that all the time. This time however, we’ve moved some stuff around so we thought it was worth giving everybody a heads up on what’s changed.

There are 2 new significant feature areas:

  1. Reorganized Feed: ! | Latest | Me
  2. Expanded Voting: [ME TOO] [NOT ME] [WHY].

1. Reorganized Feed

We wanted a way to bubble up the heavy-hitting articles and responses so we created a “!” feed where you can browse the articles with the most activity separate from “LATEST” where articles show up in chronological order and “ME” which shows articles you responded to.

If you just made a response and are wondering where it is in the feed, click over to the “LATEST” tab and you should see it there!

Over the coming months we will be continuously refining and improving how we calculate activity level for articles in the “!” feed.

New Feed Filters

Your feed is now reorganized into 3 new filters: !, Latest and Me.

2. Vote!

We’ve redesigned and expanded the [ME TOO] button. It’s now anonymous and joined by [NOT ME] and [WHY] to provide quick and easy ways for the whole class to weigh in and provide feedback on individual responses. You can agree or disagree with how someone else responded to a reading or ask them why they responded the way they did.

You can think of it as a baby step towards peer review.

And of course voting doesn’t prevent you from responding the old-fashioned way: Go read the article and respond with your own sentiment and themes!

  • You can’t vote on your own responses.
  • Votes are mutually exclusive. If you say [ME TOO], you can’t also ask [WHY]?
  • Voting is anonymous and no longer counts as having made a response.
  • Votes are tallied and displayed in the voting buttons as soon as 1 person votes!
New Voting Buttons

Me too, Not me and ask Why of your classmates’ responses.

One thought on “New in Ponder: Reorganizing the Feed and Lightweight Peer Review

  1. Would love to chat briefly on ‘how’ to use effectively. I’ve saved two articles in my class packet, but cannot save others. I’ve watched the videos but still a bit lost for some reason. Love your concept and want to use in my class. I am using Chrome.

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