From to!

We were quite enamored with our domain hack when we launched last summer – we felt that captured what students are doing when using Ponder and even captured one of our favorite sentiments.

Unfortunately, while in Europe we appeared on the first page of search results for “ponder”, in the US we were stubbornly missing. We thought the fact that the “.ng” domain is technically for Nigerian companies would wear off as various education resources began linking to us. But it

didn’t. It turns out that the the major search engines take these country designations seriously, and we needed a generic domain (.com, .co, .net, etc) in order to appear in searches globally.

Luckily, we found that the owners of were trying to set up a Ponder Family web site and would prefer to have, and then negotiated to buy, and trade it for

We miss, but will save it for some creative purpose down the road.

In the meantime, please welcome our new domain, and update your links to us so we’re easier to find!

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