Ideas Never Sleep: Powered by the Ponder API

Back in May we announced the release of our V2 API, but at the time couldn’t tell you about the exciting progress our early partners were making. Now we can. Powered by Ponder

The WR Berkley Innovation Lab at New York University’s Stern School of Business has launched Ideas Never Sleep, a community built on fresh ideas from academics in their community and beyond, and it’s powered by our V2 API.

INS publishes a steady stream of well produced videos of provocative conversations with thought leaders on a range of social, political and economic issues that start you pondering. Luckily, our API provides a way for readers and watchers to articulate that pondering quickly and thoughtfully. Their implementation also demonstrates the flexibility that the API provides in terms of integrating annotation and discussion into each partner’s unique look and feel.

So far they have integrated the video response interface, visible to the right of the Youtube embed in the screenshot below, with 8 sentiments and an elaboration box. Below the video, you can see the response timeline, with tick marks indicating the points in the video to which users have commented. One user’s comment is selected and the sentiment and elaboration are visible.Of course you don’t have to squint at the screenshot, you can see this particular video piece (and others) live!

Congratulate them on the launch, the great design, check it out and join the conversation!

INS Cryptocurrency 101

INS Cryptocurrency 101 by Professor David Yermack




Sunburst Digital

Ponder Enters into Partnership with Sunburst Digital

Parlor Labs’, the company behind the Ponder micro-response platform, is proud to announce a new partnership with Sunburst Digital, a leader in sales, implementation and support to k-12 schools across the country.

Sunburst DigitalSunburst has successfully implemented instructional technology and digital content solutions across US campuses for nearly three decades, and this spring we have worked with them to add Ponder to their library of instructional technology and digital content solutions.

Ken Leonard, chairman and CEO at Sunburst Digital commented, “We are excited to enter into a partnership with Parlor Labs, an organization dedicated to creating a social reading experience that both expands the breadth of what our students are reading as well as deepens their understanding of how we engage with the world around us.”

I speak for all of us when I say we are similarly excited to have their veteran support organization behind our product!

To learn more, please contact their team at or by calling (800) 321-7511.


About Sunburst Digital, Inc.: Sunburst Digital, Inc. has successfully implemented instructional technology and digital content solutions across US campuses for nearly three decades. Sunburst Digital, Inc. sells, supports, and provides ongoing services for digital curriculum solutions designed to enhance academic achievement outcomes and transform classrooms. Sunburst Digital, Inc. is comprised of brands and professionals recognized as trusted partners to districts and schools around the country. Sunburst Digital, Inc. proprietary and 3rd party products consist of : Type to Learn™, Ignite! Learning®, English Spanish Success: ESS™, Big Universe, EduSmart, Help Math, Rand McNally, StudioWeb, Clay Piggy, Ponder, Key Skills®, Learn About™, Math Pathways®, and Knowledge Adventure School™.