Cognitive-Analytical-Emotional Heat map

Ponder Platform API V2 Release

I’m excited to announce the public launch of the Ponder API V2! We soft-launched the first set of platform APIs about a year ago, and learned a lot from our initial consumers.

Cognitive-Analytical-Emotional Heat map

Embed the Ponder cognitive analytical emotional heat map on your content!

V2  is more robust and brings many enhancements to our white- and gray-label integration scenarios, and we are making it publicly available. At a high level it supports:

  • Account Creation & Authentication (SSO)
  • User & Group Administration
  • Retrieving Activity Data
  • “Native” User Interactions (without the browser add-on)
Video Cognitive-Analytical-Emotional Heat map

Ponder’s cognitive analytical emotional heat map works on video too.

These methods are designed around scenarios where partners layer the Ponder micro-response interface and heat map on top of their content (text and video,) extending their infrastructure to incorporate flexible, structured and thoughtful content-driven interactions between their users.

Of course, if you’re interested in integrating Ponder into your service, get in touch.

Along the way, we spent a bunch of time investigating various API documentation tools, and fell in love with, so we wanted to do a shout out to them for making a great tool. A few great features:

xkcd: API

(Courtesy xkcd)

  • Paste in your JSON blobs and it will automatically parse them into documentation; you just add descriptions and notes.
  • Embed and reference any data element in your docs elsewhere in your docs – no more updating changes in multiple places!
  • Their editing tool is nice because unlike in some other doc tools, you’re not just editing one gigantic YAML file.

We use Postman as our API explorer which is also very handy.